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  One Wireless World (OWW) also offers a device called AutoLink+.  This device is a GPS for your car but it also is a hot spot, informs you when your vehicle is tampered with, informs you of recalls, informs you of the codes for mechanical issues, tracks your driving habits and much more. Plus it comes with Roadside Assistance through All State.

This device is only $20 a month but there is an additional fee to purchase and activate it.  But with all that it does it will give you so much peace of mind if you have a teenage driver for you can set speed alerts, boundaries and more so you can keep track of their driving.  Plus knowing that if they or you have car trouble you can get a tow, gas brought to you, flat changed, get lockout service and more from All State.

Then of course if you choose to purchase this product and share it OWW pays you residual income for doing so on all active units.  You can get more info about this product by visiting the site:  

I will tell you though the only way to get this device at this time is to become an INFLUENCER with OWW.  

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me and I'll be happy to help you.