On this page you will find the link to be able to get unlimited 4G LTE data from T-Mobile via Impact Wireless / One Wireless World. 

As long as you can get phone service you will be able to use this device that is portable... exactly meaning that.  Our USB Alicorn device allows you to obtain unlimited data anywhere you go that you can plug it into a USB port.  (Like in your car, boat, airplane, hotel room or 2nd home or wherever.)  OR you can bring your own device (old phone or tablet) and use it with our sim card and turn it into a portable hotspot. Meaning you can save on not having to buy the Alicorn device from us.

To get our service you will have to buy the device or bring your own device, pay the activation fee, first month of service and etc.  Then each month your cost is $79.99 for unlimited data or $49.99 for up to 50 gigs of data at 4G speed before it is throttled to 3G.  This is priced to be comparable to other providers for internet connection.  However Impact Wireless / One World Wireless offers you a way to get it free.  If you decide to be an Influencer which means you can share this device/service with family, friends or whomever and get 8 people to buy our device/service your service will be free.  How is that?  Due to Impact Wireless will pay you $40 for each account you sell and then $10 a month of residual income.  So for each one you sell you immediately earn $50.  Then each month after as they keep the service going you will earn $10.  Then if they chose to be an Influencer you will earn $5 each month on their customers.  For instance lets say you sell 4 of these devices you will earn $200 plus $40 a month .  Then say each one of them just do 2... You will now have earned an additional $120 right up front plus the $40 a month in residual income plus your $40 in residual income for a total of $80 a month and now your service is free.  

If you don't want to share it that is fine...  That is up to you.  We just offer a way for you to get it free if you chose.  We have thousands and thousands of people using this USB device for  internet service in just 2 years in the USA. (We have customers in every state.)  This was done without the Influencer program, for the Influencer program is new as of around August 2019.

You can visit

At the above website you will find tons of more info and a map where you can enter your address and it will tell you what kind of service we offer in your area.  You will want excellent or good... anything under that I would not recommend this product.  The service will support streaming TV for it is that fast... matter in fact you can operate multiple devices on our device/service at the same time.  We even offer a 14 day Return Policy which actually starts after you receive the device.  This allows you plenty of time to receive the device, use it to see if it works and if not return it for a full refund other than the activation fee.  

  You will also see we offer other services as you visit the website