ESTV CheapTalk 

  ESTV is a streaming TV service that requires an internet connection with a minimum speed of 50mbps to work without buffering.  ESTV provides more than 2000 channels including premium sports, movies, series, ppv events and local stations.

Some of the stations ESTV offers are ESPN, ESPN2 and other sports channels, TBS, TNT, BET, Hallmark, A&E, Discover, Cartoon Network and thousands others.  They provide channels for several different countries such as Canada, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Colombia and others.  ESTV also provides sports packages such as the NFL ticket, NBA ticket, MLB ticket and others.

Using ESTV also requires an Amazon Firestix to work.  You can purchase these of course on Amazon or at your local department stores. ESTV will work on as many devices as you want to load it on but only 3 can work at the same time.  Meaning you can be watching a movie or sporting event while your kids or grand kids are watching something else in another room.  Plus this allows you to watch TV on the go on your phone... so you don't miss that big game you want to watch or show.

I have been using the service since October 2018 and have been very happy with the service. The cost is only $30 a month and they offer an affiliate program meaning you have the option to share this service as well.  It is very much like what DirecTV did where they paid you to refer customers to them.  ESTV will pay you $10 per month for each person you refer to them that keeps the service.  Meaning refer 3 people and your is FREE.  But you can refer as many as you want and earn that $10 per each one per month.  But guess what... it doesn't stop there.  Your customers when they refer someone you earn $5 per month on those accounts as long as they continue the service.  ESTV has an amazing retention rate for their customers due to the amazing service they provide and customer service at such a low price.

You can go to:

At the site you will find much more information.  Including a 48 HOUR FREE TRIAL you can get with no CC info needed.  How cool is that?  Try it before you buy it.  You will see that you are actually purchasing a software package called Stories and then ESTV gives you the streaming TV service for free.  The reason for this is it is against the law to profit from streaming. So we do it this way to be within the laws governing streaming TV services.

We have a page on Facebook for all members to go to who might have questions & get them answered and find more info about this great service.  Just ask me and I can add you to the group.