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  Welcome to our site.  We hope you will find all the information you are looking for on wireless services & products.  We are working with companies to offer the best services & products for the cheapest fees to help individuals and businesses to save money on those services & products that are just about required these days to stay up with what the world has to offer.  Plus we will show you how you can get these services and products for free by sharing them.  AT THE MOMENT WE ARE NOT OFFERING CELLPHONE SERVICE... WE ARE NEGOTIATING WITH NEW CARRIER(S).

    We all share things we like... you go to a movie or go eat at a restaurant or buy new tires and you enjoy the experience you tell people about it. Correct?  But how many times have those places paid you for telling someone about them? I'll guess never.  Well, we pay you to share our services and products and not only can you earn enough to pay for the service or product(s) so you can have it for free we continue to pay you and we will also pay you for when those you share it with share it with someone else.  How does that sound?  I'm not saying you will make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month but you may at least make enough to cover the cost and put a few extra dollars in your pocket or maybe a couple hundred dollars.  It just depends on who you know and who they know.   

You will find all the information you will need to decide if these services are suited for you or your business(es) by clicking on the tabs to the right. On the following pages you will find my personal thoughts on these services and the link to get the service or product(s). (Please note you may need to copy and paste the link or hit the copy and go on your device.) 

If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to either call, text or email me.  My contact info is on each page in the top right corner.  We again thank you for coming to our page and we are here to help you... it is all about customer service.  If I can not answer your question immediately I will do my best to get you an answer as quick as possible. 

Thanks again,

Mark & Shelley Gibson